Writing, Editing, Technical Expertise

With a background of many years as an engineer designing electrical/electronic systems for industry and over seven years of editing two major magazines, and writing a wealth of articles, I am starting a new venture as the Writing Engineer.

These aren’t typical times so doing things as usual won’t work. I will use my technical expertise and my ability to explain complex subjects in clear language to illuminate the many pathways that are emerging at this moment. New technologies are on the verge of revolutionizing how we live. Green technology, energy efficiency, renewable resources will be a central focus for business. The integration and control of lighting, security, surveillance, voice, data and video communication, life safety and fire protection is poised for exponential growth.

Technology is causing greater changes in our lives now than in all of previous history.

I can help you get your message out in all of these rapidly growing areas. For manufacturers, I can explain how your products mesh with today’s emerging needs, how your products are part of the broader picture; I can help you reach the people who need to understand the benefits that you offer. Since I was a hands-on engineer, I understand what designers and contractors need to know so that they can stay abreast of the changes. I can take your products and explain them in language that the designers, installers and users will understand.

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Published on  February 21st, 2017